Roger B. Chaffee Scholarship Fund


Robert Steelman, President (1998)


Linda Burba, Vice–President (1998)


Ted Burba, Vice–President (1998)


David W. Pequet, Treasurer (1984)


Donald VerMerris, Secretary  (2004)


Dale A. Young, Historian (2002)



Honorary Directors

The Honorable Gerald R. Ford(1913-2006)

38th U.S. President


Don L. Chaffee (1910-1998)

Blanche M. Chaffee (1912-1996)

Donna Chaffee Young (1932-2002)


Capt. Eugene A. Cernan, ret.

Apollo and Gemini Astronaut


Marty Allen; Chairman Emeritus 

Gerald R. Ford Foundation


Col. Jack Lousma, ret. 

Skylab and Shuttle Astronaut


Dr. George J. Woons

Retired Superintendent

Kent Intermediate School District 


Douglas Guthrie (1953-2013)


Dr. Jack and Joanne Townsend  


Judge Michael R. Smolenski (1944 - 2009)

Retired, Michigan Court of Appeals

W.D. “Frank” Frankforter (1920-2014)

Director Emeritus, Grand Rapids Public Museum

Lt. Col. Harold Bode (1997-2017)

USAF Chaplain, ret.









David DeBruyn (1987)

Curator Emeritus

Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium


Ron Caniff (2015)

Kent Intermediate S. D. Superintendent 


Mike Karpus (2006)

Grand Rapids Press


Max Gibbs (1972)


Brent Havens  (1991)

Matthew Pequet  (2008)

Dale Robertson (2013)
President, Grand Rapids Public Museum

Kenneth Cott (2014)
Grand Valley State University

Glen Swanson (2017)
Grand Valley State University

Emily Hromi (2017)
Planetarium and Theater Manager, Grand Rapids Public Museum

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