Roger B. Chaffee Scholarship Fund
Tessa M. Powers

Tessa will be a 2014 graduate of Rockford High School where she is ranked 2nd  in her class.

She plans on studying Biomedical Engineering at  Georgia Tech this fall so that she may fulfill her dreams of designing alternative and innovative prosthetics for both humans and animals.    Tessa has provento be incredibly hard-working and dedicated to her studies as well as her involvement and volunteer work within her community and parish.

 Besides being an academic leader, Tessa had very impressive letters of recommendation from her AP Instructors.

Her AP Calculus instructor wrote:

“Tessa is a student that would be hard to find fault with. The combination of intellect and work ethic will allow her to do very well at most any college and will allow her to make important contributions to society after graduation.”

 Tessa’s AP Chemistry instructor writes:

“I will always remember Tessa because of her ability to kindly lead her classmates in difficult areas of chemistry and the way she guided her lab partners through labs.  Her skills, intelligence, perseverance and enthusiasm will prove very fruitful in her future.”

 To be a class leader one has to excel beyond academics and Tessa has certainly met that challenge.  She has been involved in the Student Council, Rockford H.S. Marching Band and the Concert Band since 2010. Tessa is also on the Rockford H.S. Crew team where she has raced at the local, regional, national and international regattas.

 Well rounded certainly comes to mind when you have the pleasure of knowing Tessa.

 The Roger B. Chaffee Scholarship Fund is extremely proud to have Tessa Maren Powers as its 47th Scholar.

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