Roger B. Chaffee Scholarship Fund
John G. Brooks, Jr.

Jack is an outstanding 2013 graduate at West Catholic High School. He is interested in pursuing a career in Aerospace Engineering.  After being successfully appointed to BOTH the Air Force and Naval Academies, he will be attending University of Notre Dame in the fall.

Besides being an academic leader, graduating third in his class and having excellent test scores, Jack had very impressive letters of recommendation from his AP instructors.

His AP physics instructor and department chair wrote:

“It was abundantly obvious that Jack was looking for a post graduate job with NASA as a 9th grader.  He asked me about the rate of change of mass for a rocket.  He wanted to send a satellite into space.  Jack is the best physics student I have had in 18 years”

Jack’s  mathematics instructor writes:

“Jack is an exceptional student who is very good at pretty much everything he puts his mind to.  He is very goal oriented and gifted”. 

To be a class leader one has to excel beyond academics and Jack  has certainly met that challenge.  He was Student Government President and Captain of both the Swim Team and the Quiz Bowl team.  Among his many outside activities he participated in the Jazz Band, Math Field Day and still found time to be very active in his church  as a Lector and volunteer at many parish activities. 

Well rounded certainly comes to mind when you have the pleasure of knowing  Jack Brooks.  

The Roger B. Chaffee Scholarship Fund is extremely proud to have John Gerard Brooks, Jr. as its 46th  Scholar.

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