Roger B. Chaffee Scholarship Fund
 Daniel Lee Overbeek
Daniel is an honor student at Northview High School.  He plans to attend medical school and would like to be an anesthesiologist or medical researcher.  

Daniel’s recommendations were outstanding.  His math teacher wrote “Dan is an exceptional math student, one of the best I have ever had in my 34 years of teaching.  He has an outgoing personality, good sense of humor and great attitude.  He loves to learn and his enthusiasm is contagious.  He grasps concepts quickly with a deeper understanding than my other students.”  

Daniel’s physics and chemistry teacher commented “Dan has outstanding intelligence along with a tremendous curiosity and drive.  He strives to be the best at everything he does.  Dan has a love of science and math, as well as, a love of learning.  Dan would make a great ambassador of your scholarship.”  

Daniel’s extra-curricular activities include being a Boy Scout (earning Eagle Scout Award), being a member of Venture Crew 2219 Northview’s Varsity Debate Team along with being Treasurer of the team, also a member of Northview’s first Robotics Team.  

Daniel’s community activity included working as a counselor at the Gerber Cub Scout Adventureland for the last three summers.  

The Roger B. Chaffee scholarship fund is proud to have Daniel as its 39th scholar.
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